Maple Plain, Minnesota
Stall Board:

At JO, our stall horses enjoy a clean, bright, healthy environment. We offer stalls in either 10x10 or 10x12 sizes.  Stalls feature sliding doors, iron grillwork fronts and clay floors with rubber mats. Stalls are bedded with pine shavings and are cleaned daily. Water buckets are emptied daily and scrubbed out regularly.

The stall buildings are insulated against the winter cold, but are also light and airy with windows and dutch doors to provide ventilation and keep the air fresh and clean. Ceiling fans help keep the horses comfortable during the summer heat.

Daily turnout is provided on seven large, inviting and beautiful grass pastures. Each pasture has a large heated water tank. Mares and geldings are turned out separately.

For horses requiring dry-lot turnout, we also have two 10x12 stalls with dutch doors that open directly onto separate 50x50 private paddocks.

Stall horses are fed grain twice daily. Our pasture turnout stall horses receive a feeding of high quality grass-mix hay three times a day; dry lot turnout horses are given an additional noon-time hay feeding.

Stall Board Rates:
  • 10x10 stalls with pasture turnout are $595 per month
  • 10x12 stalls with pasture turnout are $615 per month
  • 10x12 stalls with private, dry-lot turnout are $630 per month

Pasture Board:

Our pasture board option is limited to two small groups of six horses each, to ensure that each horse can be carefully observed on a daily basis and have adequate access to their large, south-facing shelter during harsh weather.

Each group has its own beautiful 5-acre grass pasture for plentiful grazing all summer long. They also receive a morning and evening feeding of grain, and during the late autumn and winter months, grazing is supplemented with high quality, free-choice grass hay.

Our pasture board rate is $390 per month.